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Forest Certification

Within Australia there are two internationally recognised forestry standards, the Australian Forestry Standard AS4708 (AFS) endorsed under the internationally-based Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC) and the Forest Stewardship Council®.

SFM offers landowners and resource owners flexible forest certification options. SFM’s Group Scheme entails bringing together multiple eligible forest areas with different owners under SFM as a single, certified forest manager.

SFM manages groups schemes for AFS (PEFC) and FSC®. As a member of the SFM group scheme SFM offers you unequivocal market access and peace of mind that your forests are being managed by world best practices.

SFM operates a Group Scheme under the FSC system, in which individual landowners may join the Group and gain the benefits of certification, while committing to the Principles and Criteria. SFM holds the certificate and acts as the Group Manager, undertaking forest management responsibilities. At present our Group Scheme consists of 7 Forest Management Units (FMUs) owned by 3 parties, and totalling approximately 500 ha. This area is subject to change as areas fall into and out of our Group Scheme.

Further details on our forest certification can be found here

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