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Safety Management System

Safety is paramount in all of SFM’s operations and the company has developed a comprehensive Safety Management System.  As managers of forest operations, SFM has a duty of care to ensure the operations are undertaken in a manner that minimizes workers’ exposure to the risk of injury.

SFM has an audited SMS that complies with AS4801. The SMS complies with all relevant state legislation and ensures forestry best practices by referencing the relevant forestry codes of practice in from the various states.

The structure of the SMS looks at the safety of SFM staff and visitors, and the safety of our sub-contractors.  SFM has internal safety standards and procedures that apply to its staff and visitors such as PPE requirements, call-in procedures and incident reporting mechanisms in the event of an incident.

Our sub-contractors will comply with our safety policies and are required to run their own safety management systems for the operations they control.  SFM will check their SMS for compliance will conduct audits to ensure the SMS is compliant and being used.  SFM will provide sub-contractors with Forest Operation Safety Plans for all operations and an integral part of this is a hazard and risk assessment.

Safety is a shared responsibility and SFM will work actively with sub-contractors to provide better safety outcomes.  SFM passes on relevant information as it becomes available through safety alerts, contractor meetings and regular operational audits.

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