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Who is SFM

SFM is a leading provider of independent certified forest management and forest consulting across Australia.

SFM provides certified forest management solutions to land managers and is committed to achieving quality sustainable management outcomes which also provide a commercial return.

SFM operates group forest management schemes under the Forest Stewardship Council® and the Australian Forestry Standard so clients can be assured that SFM provides a quality management service in line with world’s best practice.

Through its contractor network and strong relationships with government agencies, forest companies and processors, SFM’s harvesting and marketing arm offers an unprecedented level of efficiency, maximizing returns to the grower.

SFM prides itself on employing quality staff and maintaining high standards of operating systems to ensure the viability of the company and the natural resources it manages. SFM embraces new technologies and incorporates them with sound traditional scientific methods of forest management and assessment.

SFM  – Certified Performance.

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