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FSC® Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international body not for profit organisation that promotes the sustainable management of the world’s forests. It achieves this through the provision of a certification scheme based on 10 fundamental principles and associated criteria. These principles and criteria prescribe how forests certified under FSC should be managed, and include environmental, social, cultural and economic requirements. In Australia certified organisations are certified to interim standards, as the national standard development is yet to be completed.

SFM operates a Group Scheme under the FSC system, in which individual landowners may join the Group and gain the benefits of certification, while committing to the Principles and Criteria. SFM holds the certificate and acts as the Group Manager, undertaking forest management responsibilities. At present (2013) our Group Scheme consists of 5 Forest Management Units (FMUs) owned by 4 parties, and totaling approximately 340 ha.

SFM’s FSC certificate number is SA-FM/COC-002984.

Our certificate can be viewed here.

Our previous audit results can be viewed here.

Full details of our certificate can be viewed on the FSC International Website here.

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