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Forest Certification

SFM is a leading provider of independent certified forest management across Australia and with experienced staff who can assist landowners work through the forest certification process.

With Forest Certification becoming an increasingly important factor in the ability of forest owners to sell their timber products, SFM provides a flexible approach for resource owns to achieve forest certification over their resource, Chain of Custody or if required Controlled Wood.

SFM can work with eligible resource owners to include their forest area within our group scheme under the Australian Forestry Standard and/or Forest Stewardship Council® certification. The SFM group scheme provides the full benefits of certification while sharing the costs amongst the members within the group making certification affordable for any size resource.

SFM will work with larger resource owners to set up the systems and processes to achieve standalone forest certification. SFM will also undertake training of staff and ensure that all aspects of the business are aware of the requirements needed to maintain certification. Once certification has been achieved SFM provides ongoing support for the resource owner to ensure that forest certification is maintained.

Resource owners who are working on achieving forest certification using in-house personnel can utilise SFM staff to provide expertise in areas that has a weak or minimal skillset. SFM can provide auditing systems, stakeholder engagement, identification if High Conservation Values and working with government agencies.

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