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Aggregated Plantations Program


A well managed plantation is a valuable asset that is why SFM has setup the Aggregated Plantations Program (APP).

The SFM Aggregated Plantations Program enables the aggregation of the many private plantation owners across Tasmania. Aggregation of the resource will allow for increased market access and security, improved fire management coordination and professional advice when required.

Membership to the program is free and provides you with a range of benefits including;

  • Initial plantation assessment and ongoing annual report on the growth, management and marketing of your plantation;
  • Aggregated approach to marketing and harvesting your resource to access the best market for your resource.
  • Inclusion in SFM’s Fire Management area enabling representation and coordinated approach with fire authorities in wildfire events;
  • Certification of your resource increasing market access;
  • All year round access to expert plantation foresters via email or phone;
  • Organisation and Supervision of on-ground plantation management services (fire break maintenance, insect spraying, etc) at program rates.

If you would like to further information or just wish to have a discussion about your plantation asset please contact;

Jason Bolch – – 0418 399 720


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