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Private Landowners & Farm Forestry

A properly managed forest estate either Native or Plantation gives landowners the option to supplement farm income through the revenues raised from forest products. Appropriately managed forests will also provide a range of intangible benefits to landowners such as shelter belts, lowering of water tables and stabilization of soils.

SFM is experienced at providing services to landowners with properties of any size, providing operational contractors and a route to market for the timber. SFM with its network of customers and contractors provide access to markets and economies of scale that smaller forest resource owners can not normally achieve.

SFM recognizes that forestry may form only a part of the farming landscape and provides landowners with options to complete planning for forestry in the context of the whole of farm plan. SFM is also happy to work with landowners to try and utilize equipment that they may have onsite to help reduce costs.

SFM offers land owners membership of our FSC® and/or AFS Group Scheme’ Certifications allowing products sourced from their property to be sold as certified under the respective schemes. This also provides landowners with the comfort of knowing their forests are being managed to internationally recognized environmental, social and economic principles. Click here for more information on certification.

Information sheets for landowners are also being developed by SFM covering the basic principles of native forest and plantation management. Information Sheets can be found here.

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