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SFM  has the experience and knowledge to undertake re-vegetation back to trees for mine sites, road side verges and also complete required offset plantings for infrastructure projects. The SFM team work closely with our clients to ensure that the task is completed within the environmental guidelines, operating permits and relevant state legislation.

SFM will choose appropriate species to be planted on site that match the soil conditions, climate, aspect and management objectives. SFM, through its contractor base, will prepare the site by ripping and spraying for control of weeds and grassed to provide the best opportunity for the planted seedlings to occupy the site.

SFM can also certify areas rehabilitated to trees through our group AFS/PEFC or FSC®  schemes. Rehabilitated areas are managed under a 5 year agreement so that the area will be monitored and managed to ensure ongoing compliance.  The area has the potential to provide certified carbon offsets for our clients.

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