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Salvage Harvesting

SFM has the capacity and resources undertake commercial timber salvage operations from roadline clearing to dam sites to large pipeline projects. SFM staff have the experience to implement the operations from the initial desktop investigations to field surveys to undertaking the commercial timber salvage operations.

SFM complete all planning and mapping requirements prior to operations starting and complete all work to our high environmental and safety standards. SFM works has the capacity to offer log brokering to landowners who are interested selling logs to the locally industries where possible.

SFM can work separately or in conjunction with other operations to provide the most efficient outcomes for our clients.  SFM looks for commercial outcomes for a full range of forest products from biomass to veneer logs. The ultimate aim for SFM is to be able to utilize the majority of the timber coming from infrastructure operations so that our clients have the minimum amount of residues to deal with.

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