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SFM provides certified forest management solutions to land managers and is committed to achieving quality sustainable management outcomes which also provide a commercial return.

SFM operates group forest management schemes under the Forest Stewardship Council® and the PEFC/Responsible Wood (formerly Australian Forestry Standard) so clients can be assured that SFM provides a quality management service in line with world’s best practice.

Through its contractor network and strong relationships with government agencies, forest companies and processors, SFM’s harvesting and marketing arm offers an unprecedented level of efficiency, maximizing returns to the grower.

SFM prides itself on employing quality staff and maintaining high standards of operating systems to ensure the viability of the company and the natural resources it manages. SFM embraces new technologies and incorporates them with sound traditional scientific methods of forest management and assessment.

SFM  – Certified Performance.


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Our Systems and Certifications

Certification is increasingly becoming an important facet of forest management within Australia.  SFM has developed its management systems to enable adaption to the needs of the forest industry and the broader community. 


FREQUENTLY asked questions

Can you harvest your trees? How much does it cost? What is a Forest Practices Plan? All of your forestry related questions answered here.

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Find our Forest Management Policy, Certification Documents and Audit Results here.

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A wholly owned subsidiary of SFM, Hydrowood is an Australian first, reclaiming Tasmanian specialty timbers standing underwater for decades in lakes created after flooding for hydro-electric schemes. These timbers are being reclaimed, processed and made available for bespoke joinery, furniture and high end architectural applications. Visit the Hydrowood website below and rediscover timber.

Your Forest. Your Asset.