SFM offers a diverse range of natural resource and forest management services to a broad range of clientele. SFM’s team of leading forestry specialists is dedicated to delivering affordable, innovative, science based solutions to complex environmental challenges.

SFM’s consulting services are tailored specifically for environmental and forest management, the combination of skills, knowledge and experience of our trained staff is unique to SFM and we can offer an unprecedented range of services.


Forest Assessment and Valuations

The staff at SFM can discuss your forest management goals with you and propose a program of forest assessment which will indicate the range of options open to you, the landowner.  Estimates of tonnage and product range, as well as natural and cultural values present on your property will be presented in a straightforward way for your perusal.


Harvesting and Management Plans

SFM offers a complete service in regards to Harvest and Management Plans, which includes liaison with the Forest Practices Authority, local councils, and other regulatory bodies as required.  Plans are presented to you for approval prior to harvest proceeding.


Remote Area Operations

SFM has the capacity to respond to clients requirements in remote areas. This perfect for the extraction industry or infrastructure projects whom may be required to undertake commercial timber assessments or manage clearing and salvage logging operations. SFM has the capacity to camp staff out in remote areas for periods up to 7 days between resupply. If needed for larger operations or for longer periods SFM can arrange for the construction of temporary camps for periods up to 6 months.

All staff have the capacity to work unsupervised and have the required training to ensure work is carried out efficiently and safely. SFM equips all remote operations with satellite communications to maintain contact and staff have field computers for the upload of data at the end of each days work.


Surveys and Mapping

A quality GIS facilitates fully informed business decision-making, efficient operational planning, timely and accurate reporting, and production of operational maps.

All SFM staff are equipped with GPS systems which can be utilised for surveying of boundaries, logging significant points or recording infrastructure features.

Utilising ArcGIS systems SFM is able to provide quality maps for forest operations, property maps for planning or higher level location maps for general information.

SFM has access to soil, rainfall, geological and other planning datasets that allow us to make a fully informed decision about the areas being assessed.