1. In which states does SFM operate?

SFM operates in all states and territories of Australia.


2. Can SFM provide ongoing Forest Management Services?

SFM has a group of forestry professionals and systems that can provide ongoing management of native and/or plantation forest areas. SFM can provide a property management plan that looks to cater for the long term sustainable management of your resource. SFM will undertake all required forest management and operational tasks from forest health monitoring to thinning operations and provide regular reporting back to the landowner.


3. How much are the trees on my land worth?

The value of timber varies significantly depending on the species composition, age, form and location. To determine the commercial value of your timber please contact one of our Forest Managers at info@sfmes.com.au or (03) 62233536.


4. I want to do some forest clearing for pasture – can you do that for me?

No, SFM has committed to a policy of non-conversion of native forest. This is crucial for us to maintain our certified status under both AFS and FSC®, and be able to pass those market-share advantages onto you.


5. What is the process for getting my forest harvested?

After initial contact between SFM and the Landowner the following process occurs

  1. Client contract identified;
  2. Initial timber assessment is carried out;
  3. Landowner contract (Timber Purchase Agreement) is signed by both parties;
  4. Forest Practices Plan\Forest Operations Plans are drawn up and approved as required by state legislative processes;
  5. Any road works that are needed are carried out;
  6. Harvesting boundaries of coupe are flagged by SFM staff;
  7. Pre start-up briefing with harvesting contractor and landowner to discuss harvesting plan;
  8. Harvesting is carried out; and
  9. Completion of coupe.


6. Who does SFM sell my wood to?

SFM sells resource to all major timber processors along with smaller local sawmills. With SFM’s professional relationships and certified products, SFM receives priority sales to most timber processors, thereby achieving the best return to landowners.


7. What is a Forest Operations Plan?

A Forest Operation Plan (FOP) is a document required under the NSW Native Vegetation Act 2003 for persons to undertake forest operations for Private Native Forestry (PNF). The FOP relates through to the PNF Private Vegetation Plan which is issued to landowners by the Office of Environment and Heritage. Having an FOP ensures that all persons involved in the operations fully understand what operations will occur and what is permitted under the current legislative framework. SFM supervise all phases of the Forest Operations and provide a signoff to the landowner that operations have complied with the PNF Code of practice.


8. What is forest certification and what does it mean to me?

Eligible forests managed by SFM may be certified under the Forest Stewardship Council®FM/COC and/or the Australian Forestry Standard AS 4708. This means that SFM is committed to the principles of sustainable forestry, and have invested in the systems required to demonstrate this to outside auditors. As a landowner, it means that you can expect the operation on your land to be conducted and supervised to a very high standard, and that SFM can use its certified status to access a wider range of markets for your wood.


9. How much does certification cost?

The cost of certification varies depending on a number of factors. Please contact us for a no obligation proposal.


10. How do I deal with the planning and approval requirements to enable my forest to be harvested?

Depending on which State and local government jurisdiction and the type and history of your resource the requirements for government approval can be complicated. SFM undertake the government approval process as part of its service. SFM will assess the requirements and discuss with the landowner at their initial inspection.


11. What is a Timber Purchase Agreement?

A TPA is a legal agreement between the landowner and forest manager (SFM) stating payment terms, payment amounts and legal obligations of both parties whilst harvesting takes place.


12. Who harvests my trees?

SFM employs local harvest and cartage contractors who carry out works under SFM’s direction. SFM prepares all documentation which provide the guidelines for harvesting each particular area


13. Who is Private Forests Tasmania and what do they do?

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) is a government funded authority which specifically promotes, fosters and assists the private forest sector in Tasmania. PFT works to facilitate and expand the development of the private forest resource in Tasmania in a manner which is consistent with sound forest and land management practices. For further details please visit