SFM a partner in the new ARC Industrial Training Centre for Forest Value

The University of Tasmania recently announced that is has received a $3.6 million grant from the Australian Research Council towards the establishment of a $14 million Industrial Transformation Training Centre in Forest Value. SFM is proud to be a founding industry partner and look forward to working with UTAS and the other collaborating businesses in driving real world value thru R&D.

The Centre will run for an initial period of five years and at this stage is scheduled to officially open its doors on 1 January 2016. The Training Centre is heavily industry focussed and the industry partners have committed over $1.3 million in cash and nearly $4.5 million in in-kind resources over the life of the Centre. There are five industry organisations that in addition to contributing cash and in-kind resources to the Centre are providing at least one Partner Investigator to work as part of the research and training team. These organisations (with their partner investigators) are Greening Australia (Dr Neil Davidson), Forico (Mr Jim Wilson), Forestry Tasmania (Dr Mark Neyland, Dr Dean Williams), SFM Environmental Solutions (Mr Andrew Morgan) and Island Workshop (Mr Matthew Gee). Two other industry partners are contributing significant cash and/or in-kind resources to the centre and will be involved in the decision making and operations of the centre. These are Forest and Wood Products Australia and Neville-Smith Forest Products.

See University of Tasmania's media release here



Andrew Morgan