Commencement of harvesting in the Green Triangle

Harvesting has commenced in the Green Triangle. Managed by SFM Asset Management, this property is expected to yield over 55,000 tonnes of high quality Bluegum woodchip for export through the Portland Chip Terminal. The Foresters for SFM Asset management have already commenced planning for the re-establishment of this sustainably managed property, where the latest genetically selected material will be planted to increase the yield for the next rotation. 


Adam Jennings, an employee for L V Dohnt & Co, took this amazing footage shortly after harvesting commenced on the first day. In-field chipping is a highly productive and efficient method of harvesting that recovers the maximum amount of product for the forest owner. Wherever possible, SFM prefers to utilise in-field chipping for Bluegum operations as it results in a greater recovery of saleable volume and, as a direct result, lower levels of residue on site.