New Hobart Log Export – A closer market opportunity for Southern Tasmanian landowners

SFM is pleased to announce the continued expansion of plantation log export markets from Hobart.

The new market now allows for a 6cm small end diameter and is cut-to-length allowing for increased resource utilisation. This new market means significant savings on the cartage cost of log to northern export ports opening up opportunity for sale of southern plantation resource that was previously outside an economic distance to market. It is a whole log export product that will be very familiar to forest owners and managers as the standard pulpwood specifications.

Our customer, a major supplier of container flooring globally, has recently commissioned a new Orientated Strand Board (OSB) plant in China and is utilising the smaller diameter log to produce the OSB whilst utilising the larger logs for the peeler ply to sandwich the flooring together.

SFM looks forward to taking any resource owners that may be interested for a tour of the handling yard to see the logs for themselves.

Please call Jason Bolch on 0418 399 720 or 62233536 for further information. Or email

Samuel Shelley