SFM staff attend Australian Rural Leadership Course

Two staff members from SFM, Joel Turner and Courtney Pink, recently participated in a new ‘For Our Future’ Regional Forestry Collaborative Leadership Program for mid-level managers. The program was delivered by Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) in partnership with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) with a goal of equipping future leaders with industry-leading skills and knowledge.


A total of 28 emerging leaders from the Green Triangle Region and Western Australia participated in the program which consisted of a rural training workshop at each location, intra-session project, and a national workshop and graduation in Melbourne. Not only did the program result in some life changing personal transformations for those involved, it also resulted in tangible benefits to the forest industry. One of the largest outcomes at the conclusion of the course was FWPA offering a total of $20k towards two projects presented by the GT and WA leadership groups with the common theme of addressing misconceptions of the forest industry by improving understanding, knowledge, and communication within the industry and with industry stakeholders.

Andrew Morgan