Media Release - Salvage log market developed for Tasmanian bushfire affected forests

Media Release - 19th April 2019

Tasmanian forestry company SFM Forest Products is pleased to announce the opening of a new export market for logs affected by the bushfires earlier this year.  The new market, developed in conjunction with SFM’s export partners, will allow private landowners whose forests were impacted by both the Huon Valley and Central Highlands fires to recoup a positive financial return.

“As the scale of the bushfires increased we knew privately owned forests were going to be impacted and so we acted quickly to engage with our export partners to develop a salvage log specification to facilitate a market” said Andrew Morgan, Managing Director of SFM

Salvage harvest operations commenced in March and the log is currently being exported out of the Port of Hobart in conjunction with existing export operations. It is expected that over 100,000 tonnes of salvage log sourced from private landowners will be exported over the next 12 months.


“Timber which has been burnt can degrade quickly so being able to act swiftly once the fire emergency has passed was critical to maximising the value back to the landowner. SFM as an integrated forest management company can quickly assess fire affected forests, complete planning works and engage harvesting contractors whilst facilitating the sale of the forest products” Mr Morgan said.

Landowners are urged to contact SFM for an initial assessment of their fire affected forest resource.

 Mr Morgan also noted that “the Government’s commitment to providing long term access to the Port of Hobart for timber exports is welcomed by SFM and provides the confidence to move forward in developing new markets, such as this salvage log, and increased supply chain efficiencies which ultimately means a better return to the landowner.

SFM also welcome the recent announcement by Private Forest Tasmania to provide levy relief to fire-affected private forest owners.


For further information:

 - For further media information please contact SFM Managing Director - Andrew Morgan on: 03 62233536